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Ultra Low Noise FET Preamplifier LNPA60dB

( German Version: Ultra-rauscharmer FET Vorverstärker)

Suitable for audio and measurement purposes
Input voltage noise approx. 0.41 nV/√Hz

LNPA60dB Front View

0.41 nV/√Hz are so little that sources with more than 10 Ω impedance noise more than this preamplifier!
Only with even lower impedance sources this preamplifier is the "bottleneck" in total noise.


  • Preface
  • Technical Data
  • What should be considered during operation
  • Preface

    The total input noise of (pre-)amplifiers consists of several components:

    To ensure that no significant further noise is added to the preamplified signal by input noise from the subsequent stages of the following signal processing chain or by other causes, the preamplifier must amplify sufficiently high. The LNPA60dB (Low Noise Pre-Amplifier with up to 60 dB Gain) is designed for this purpose. It is optimized for audio applications, but can also amplify AC signals up to the MHz range. It has FET inputs to avoid the noise caused by input current noise at higher source impedances.

    In this context I would like to refer to other relevant links on my website:

    Technical Data

    What should be considered during operation:

    There are some aspects that do not apply to "normal" preamplifiers that I want to point out here.

    Measured Values

    I have documented further measured values such as noise spectra, amplitude responses and step responses in the article about the development of the LNPA60dB.

    5 Samples LNPA60dB

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